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Natural Repellents: For The Annoying Pests In The Pantry

If you are regularly finding that there are small wood chips and dust inside your cupboards, it is sign one. When you start finding the dust on your counter and falling from the cabinets, then it is sign three. When you find this all over the house, then you have a problem. This link contains the information on how to prevent the spread of infectious diseases with the cost-effective termination treatments.

#1 Using the orange peel

Citrus peels, lemon, lime, grapefruit and oranges and such, are fail safe ways to keep out annoying small insects that do not know when to give up. Make sure to add a peel or two to places where the wood eating pests have made their homes so that the acidity and the strong essence will kill them.

If you feel like slices of orange and other DIY methods will not work, then it is better to cough up the money for a termite control company.

#2 Grandma’s recipe

There are many DIY recipes for getting rid of the wood eating annoyances, and here is a recipe that has come down from the generations to rid the insects that live up to half a century. Add three tablespoons of canned cat food, four tablespoons of grape jelly, and one tablespoon of boric acid and mix together and put this paste in areas where you are sure the housing complexes of the insects are located at.

#3 Essential oil method

Essential oils of strong odors and strong acidity are used for almost all small insect pest annoyances in order to get rid of them finding homes in your own home. Vetiver oil and clove bud oils are recommended by termite control company professionals to keeping out new ones from infesting your home and also for the old ones to leave your house.

#4 Add fresh coatings annually

Adding fresh coats of paint and also wood coatings to your cabinets will keep out the wood eating annoyances from consuming your rich cedar wood or rosewood. There are coatings especially made to keep the insects away from the wood furniture and attachments in the house like anti-pest wood sealer, anti wood borer exterior wood coatings and preservatives.

#5 Aloe Vera

Get some pieces of aloe Vera (the more you have the better) and crush the entire plant pieces and put in water. Let the soaking process happen for several hours and then put the water into a spray can. You can then use this water to spray in areas where the wood borers reside in and also spray it directly onto the pests themselves to kill them. If methods such as these do not work, then you will need to call termite control company to rid yourself of the infestation.

Make sure to curb the infestation in its infancy stages and do not let the insects spread to other rooms. Keep the furniture from the infested room in that room only and air it out whenever you can.