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Breaking The Ice When Starting School

The first week of school is chaos in the classroom whatever the grade and whatever the school. There just doesn’t seem to be avoiding it. But when it comes to the toddlers there certainly are some ways where we can minimize the otherwise inevitable pandemonium that erupts when the kids arrive. And one such way is to break the ice between the kids and make them feel like they belong. And there are many ways in which this feat can be achieved.

Starting off right away
The first few days of a child in a preschool is crucial. Because it sets the pace for the many years to come and shapes how they would behave in a classroom for the rest of their lives. So guiding them on behavioral aspects should kick off right away, otherwise it may be difficult to correct them once they have molded themselves into a niche or pattern. This is also the perfect way to nip the habit of bullying and teasing in the bud. Making them feel comfortable and welcome in the environment will make it easier for the kids to let go of the mother’s hand they cling onto every morning as well.

Building friendship
Is one way for children to feel like they actually want to come back. It’s essential that every kid in a child care centre in Singapore feels like they have an ally. If you allow them to deal with it on their own without actually playing a role in building up their friendships, the kids will tend to develop a pecking order. The noisier, more boisterous kids will be seen as the born leaders and the front runners while the weaker, introverts will be separated to the back of the class.

Introducing them to stories with morals about friendship such as the ‘Lion and Mouse’ will help inculcate values about friendship and make them understand that no act of friendship will be in vain, however inconsequential it may seem to them and that all acts of kindness will be repaid tenfold, when they are least expecting it. Interact with the kids and ask them to express what they feel about friends and friendship. What they want to say about it.

When pairing them up for activities make sure you don’t put siblings or children who are friends outside of school together. Give them activities where they have to know something about their neighbor in order to successfully complete the activity like making a bracelet for their partner in their favorite color and so on. This will ensure that the partners have to interact with each other if they want the star at the end of it. For further information you can definitely visit this site for preschool.

Such activities will go a long way in teaching the kids about the do’s and don’ts of friendship and will serve them well for the rest of their lives.